Weekend Photo Dump

The big craft fair is this week! AH! It's my final week to stock up, so forgive me if I'm a little more on the quiet side. We are super excited for it, but also relieved it will be over soon. ;) I'm also working on a shop makeover, and planning on completely restocking afterward-- SUPER exciting! I'll be running some brand spanking new specials soon too, for all of my super awesome readers, as a thank you for being so stinking awesome. :D

So we had our first base-wide yard sale this weekend (total bust,) carved some pumpkins, visited the ophthalmologist (only good news!) and worked more on the shop. I'm really hoping we have enough candy for all the kids here this week-- our neighbors spent $70 last year and STILL ran out! We bought 15 pounds worth from Sam's so I hope we don't run out! We were totally caught off guard last year, but we lived off base and could run to the store easier. 

And I pinky promise I'll get our 10 month favorites + 11 month photos up soon! I can't believe this kid is almost one already! I need to seriously get on planning this party! :)



  1. 15 POUNDS of candy- wow!! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a great weekend -- loooooove the puppy kiss picture!

    We had a garage sale a few months ago and it was a TOTAL bust. I was so sad! Haha. They seem more trouble than they're worth.

    I'm so nervous to run out of candy this year, too. We spent $50 on candy this year and my husband was like AHHH NO MORE CANDYYYY, hahaha. We'll see. We were close to running out last year but didn't, barely, so I'm nervous. At least there is a CVS just down the street. I think every single house in our neighborhood has at least one small child living in it!

  3. I love the idea of community yard sales, they just always seem to be a flop!

    Last year the husband and I spent $20 on candy (our first year in this neighborhood and NO ONE came trick or treating. We have kids in the community, so who knows what this year will bring!!


  4. I can't believe they ran out of $70 worth of candy! That's crazy! You muts have a ton of kids in your neighborhood!


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