WIDN: Making a Fall Wreath. UNDER $10!

Hooray! My first wreath! 

So I've been dying to try to make one for years, but I realize supplies for pretty much any craft can add up quickly, and I needed easy to use/work with materials -----> solution: the spot at Target. This season (as I'm sure everyone is already aware ;D) they had a few different sizes of ready-made wreaths at the spot, and a decent selection of fall materials to use. I dug out the largest size wreath, a variety pack of fall items (which, in retrospect wasn't essential,) 2 berry stems, a bag of pine cones, and a bag of large acorns. Everything used below came from the spot at Target, except for the wooden "B."

I'm sure there are some fancy wreath-making materials out there, but I wanted to keep things on the cheap and easy, so I just slid the berry stems into the wiring already in place to keep the wreath together, and formed the berries along the curve. 

The only items I used from the variety pack were a leaf, and a colored acorn, which weren't really essential, so I really could've gotten away with the pinecones and large acorns, and shaved another dollar off my total. :)

 I just used large dollops of hot glue to set everything in place, since it's what I had but I'm sure there are stronger adhesives that are more durable. I worked my way down the berries first, to cover up the stems that were wrapped into the wreath, and get a feel for the balance.

We picked up a "B" at Michael's over the weekend for the final touch. Don't quote me on it, but I believe it was on sale for around $2. I do know that it was the cheapest they had at the time. 
I chose black because I felt it worked best with the fall color scheme, and so it would be easy to cover any blemishes with a sharpie. 

Not too shabby for a rookie wreath, right?

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