11 Months!

Hooray! I finally got these uploaded and edited! Now that the craft fair is behind us, we're gearing up for a big november. We've got some big things in the works for mine + baby's birth month and we are super excited about it! 

Welcome to all of my new awesome followers from the hop, and thanks so much for linking up with us! I'm planning on getting our 10 month favorites up shortly, but I thought I'd start with our 11 month shoot first. :)

So baby girl was finally, officially, a black kitty this year-- minus the whiskers and pink nose, because she just wasn't having any of that. I starting putting some pink on her nose and it was smeared all over her face in mere milliseconds. Girl is quick.  And good news-- we didn't run out of candy! Apparently all the smart kids hit the officer housing first and then weave their way through the other neighborhoods, so we didn't get super slammed. 

So on to our micro-shoot:

We're liking: We are super obsessed with yogurt drops now.
Starting to warm up nicely to our sippy.
We have an unfortunate love of vertical blinds.
BEING OUTSIDE. Doesn't matter what we're doing. Complete contentment. 
Playing with Hurley/fighting over toys. Hurley is a cat. This happens frequently. 
Petting every dog and cat we see. Starting to get more gentle. :)
We are still super obsessed (if not more so now) with feeding the dogs our snacks.

Not so much: Still not a big fan of chunkier blend foods, but we're getting a serious handle on bigger finger foods + snacks.
Beck taking her snack bait stealthily, and not letting her pet him.
Things sticking to our hands. 
Getting dressed.

Milestones: We are a fast little army crawler now, so we've got to be more stealthy with the dog food.
We can snap! I know, right? Who snaps at this age, but has no interest in walking?
Starting to do a weird frog jump/crawl.
Favorite word right now is "HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY"
She's been able to flop herself in half and sit herself up for awhile, but we're finally able
to sit ourself up from back and belly positions. Thank. Goodness. :D

 during trick-or-treating. meow. 


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