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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 20-26 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and since children are the most common victims, I thought it would be wise to post the ASPCA's tips to help prevent a bite.

  • First: Always make sure there is supervision when your children are around dogs 
  • Never stare into a dog's eyes-- they will interpret this as a threatening gesture
  • Never tease a dog
  • Never approach a chained dog
  • Never touch a dog that is off lead
  • DO NOT run and scream if a loose dog approaches you; if a loose dog does approach you, have your children stand very still, and be very quiet and calm. 
  • DO NOT bother a dog while it is eating or sleeping
  • ALWAYS ask for the owners' permission before petting a dog; make sure to let the dog sniff your closed hand before reaching out to pet it.

And for more on dog bite statistics and information from the American Veterinary Medical Association, click here.

A dog can be your child's very best friend, as long as we're cautious, and exercise good, common sense :)

our week in photos

have a good weekend :)


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